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A Secure Storage Solution for Vehicles of Every Shape and Size

Commitment to Care

Our passion ensures your vehicle is treated like our own, leaving in pristine condition.


Benefit from 24/7 monitoring, gated access, and round the clock security measures.

Commitment to Care

Our passion ensures your vehicle is treated like our own, leaving in pristine condition.

Conveniently Located For Easy Access

Prime Location Within the Heart of The Cotswolds

Your Secure Car Haven in The Cotswolds

Discover our prime location in the Cotswold, providing easy access for visitors seeking secure car parking and long-term car storage.

Based in Broughton Poggs , we offer a convenient and secure solution for your car storage needs with 8 acres of dedicated storage

  • Lakes by Yoo, 8 minutes
  • Soho Farmhouse, 40 minutes
  • Burford, 9 minutes
  • Lechlale, 7 minutes
  • Daylesford, 32 minutes
  • Swindon, 35 minutes
  • Cheltenham, 45 minutes
  • Oxford, 50 minutes
  • Thyme, 6 minutes
  • Charlbury Station 25 minutes to London, (1hr15 minutes)

Taxi services can be organised to the nearest station.

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Choose the Perfect Storage Options

We offer storage options tailored to your needs, including indoor and outdoor solutions. Additionally, we have also recently launched a valeting service. For more information, please get in touch.


Indoor Storage


Outdoor Storage


Valeting Services


Indoor Storage

Enhance the protection of your vehicle with our secure indoor storage. Experience added security, a cleaner environment, all within our gated facility.


Outdoor Storage

Enjoy affordability without compromising on security and embrace the convenience of storing your vehicle in the heart of the Cotswolds.


Valeting Services

Revitalise your vehicle with our on-site valeting by Gleam and Gloss. Experience expert cleaning for a gleaming car at our storage facility.
For more info give us a call or visit Gleam and Gloss Valeting.


Flexible Vehicle Storage to Suit Your Budget

Experience luxury car storage at affordable rates. Our pricing starts at just £100 per month. Choose from our range of secure indoor and outdoor storage options to meet your needs.

Unrivalled Car Storage Services in the Cotswolds

Air Chamber Dry Storage Available

Experience top-tier protection for your vehicle with our Air Chambers. Crafted by industry-leading manufacturers, these chambers shield your car from dust, moisture, and corrosion. Elevate your storage experience today. Book now for premium care!

Cutting Edge Security For Your Car

Top tier security for your vehicle.

Cotswolds Car Storage employs cutting-edge security measures to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle within our gated storage facility.

Unmatched Convenience in the Cotswolds

Experience unparalleled convenience for your motoring needs in the Cotswolds.

With our prime location you will never be too far away from your vehicle and your next motoring adventure.

Always Charged Up Ready To Go

We ensure your vehicle is ready for your next visit by offering convenient car battery charging.

Our team takes care of your battery, ensuring it’s fully charged and ready to go when you need it. Drive in confidence, knowing your car is in capable hands.

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